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[icon] The Purring Bear Company
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Time:09:23 pm

We must have a reunion... only if it's just us 3 ladies.

Weird to call us ladies now. Seeing that we're all grown up.
Love you both more than you know...
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Subject:We might be far apart
Time:12:14 am
but we're never really /apart/

Haha, we shall attack at random <3
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Subject:The Way Home
Time:05:24 pm
How do you say goodbye?

How do you say goodbye to the people who mold your life? To those who hold the sandpaper that smooths our rough edges and makes us touchable? Those who cackle gleefully as paint cans are brought out and the boring, introverted girl is finally prepared to take on life, to take on color and vibrance?

You simply don't say goodbye. Instead, you say 'I will see you both again'.

Because it's true. I will see you both again, so help me. I am not gone forever, nor ever truly gone. There is a spirit lingering in the forest beyond where we shared a picnic of stirfry and weird cookies. Of photographs taken and breath held as we thought our lives would be swiftly ended by a bear that purrs and rumbles in the hills. To the nights spent around a couple of candles in the backyard, crowing laughter at penis jokes in a tent and maybe even one too many gropings and rounds of 'whose hand is that?'.

To prom night when we kicked off our shoes and danced a ho down (The ho's are still mad at us for that. x.x), and spent twenty minutes picking bobbypins and stupid fake flowers out of my curly head. Good grief.

To the first sad goodbye when we packed Juli up and threw her at Seattle. To a tearful audience and a loud, obnoxious 'YEA JEKKA WOO!' as she crossed the stage to get her one way ticket out of stupid-school.

To billions of other moments. Random and beautiful. Look at us, guys. We have forged a path in memories. And now, as I look back on them all, it's hard to tell what I'll miss most. The acts, the strange looks, or the giggles later in the day when we thought back on our craziness.

Okay, shit, I lied. I know exactly what I'll miss. You both. Jules. Jekka. The two best friends a cranky bitchsquirrel could ever have. Juli, with your zen wisdom and wordly knowledge. Jekka, with your kind heart and ever-present hugs and understanding. Both of you have stolen my heart. Here's a small secret: I love you both. Best friends, sisters. Damn, I'm gonna miss you two.

Bah. This is why I type my goodbyes. I'm here, sittin' on my pudgy ass barely able to see the screen. By now I'd be far to inarticulate to speak properly.

But that's good. This time, I'll make it okay for me to be all teary-eyed and sniffly. Because it tells me something I already know: I will never forget either of you. Whatever friendships I make in the future will have to sit in the shadow of our great bond. I almost feel sorry for the folks ahead. They'll never hold a candle to you two.

For that, I am eternally grateful.

I am so very fortunate. This is the sort of thing you think about at Thanksgiving. What you're thankful for.

Jekka and Jules, you are what I will always be thankful for.

My girls, my friends, my sisters in mischief.

Cheers, loves. We have had one hell of an adventure.

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Subject:Down and dirty.
Time:02:31 am

We are planning! To do what, no one knows. Jekka's off, I'm off, Julie.. you're being kidnapped. And Morbid too, although that's up to Jekka, since she knows how to sneak Morbid out.

We have access to a Jaa-koo-zee that needs a quartet of hot females to pimp it out with their presence. Also. We have movies, that we can probably watch at SOMEONE's house (please, god, no parents!) and Jekka and I both have access to a massive (Henry sized) discount at the cafe in borders, if our tummies so desire. There shall be cameras! And picture taking abound, because this will be the first time the core Purring Bear Sisterhood will be in kahoots in the same location. It must be documented with crappy digital photos and forever immortalized in the famed halls of Teh_Intarweb.

Respond to this either with comments, IMs, or sexy cell phone messages by Tuesday, so we can start organizing. Bitches.

It'll be like a tea party - only with bad words, bum-grabbing, and lots and lots of dirty jokes.

+Bricket, Purring Bear Squirrel-Pirate.
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Subject:I demand picnicings!
Time:05:04 am
Friends! Countrymen! Lend me your ears, but PLEASE.. PLEASE, this time, don't remove them from your heads.

We need to plan a get together. All of us, including you, Jules. So there. And stuff.
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Time:11:17 pm
Check this comm's userinfo. XD I found shinies!
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Subject:Lovenote Salute.
Time:08:26 pm
Here's to nights of rock and roll.
Here's to nights of nostalgia.
Here's to nights of gaming bliss.
Here's to nights of idle banter.

Here's to days when we truly lived.
Here's to days when a picnic in the park is all we needed.
Here's to days we talked about deviantart like it was the neatest thing since sliced bread.
Here's to days we laughed nearly to the point of shitting ourselves in Knadler's.
Here's to days we looked at eachother and grinned as though we all had some kind of secret the world could never touch.
Here's to days we rescued one another from the troubles we thought we couldn't triumph over.

Here's to the Purring Bear Company, born in the woodlands.
Cheers to the Purring Bear Company, we still have the old flame.
Cheers to the Purring Bear Company, despite our age differences, we are all one soul with many facets, and age doesn't matter much in the long run.

Pardon my cliche-ness..

For each of you, my heart is simply bursting with pride, with love, with hope. I turned around and saw Julianna-With-No-Middle-Name-But-We-Love-Her-Anyway Paul and she looked absolutely beautiful. She always does, really, but I think today we were all at our most beautiful. I'll miss her beatuy.

Today, I saw Jekka with tears in her eyes. Damnit, I hate that. Stop crying! We're not going off to die somewhere! You'll have our hearts and thoughts at your beck and call, and any moment at all, we might drop in and scare the snot out of you.

To my Purring Bear Girls, we are alive in a universe that is alive.

Now let's be part of it.

Dance a little on the inside for me.

‡Bricket Squirrel.
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Time:09:59 am
Name: Juiko
Hair: browny-like
Eyes: blue-green
Signature Garments: Gray hoody
Ice-cream: Carmel Swirl
Socks: whatever socks i need
Position: whatever the ladies perfer, ;)
Signature Traight: uncontrollable lust :p

sorry it took me so long to do this.
PH34r 73H 1337!!!!
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Current Music:SOAD-Dammit-blink 182 cover
Subject:Photography Day
Time:08:23 pm
Current Mood:complacentcomplacent
I want to have a hang out day tomorrow...

Monday-in my pants day whilst taking pictures...

Anybody up for it?
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Time:09:53 pm
Girls! And Juiko....

When shall we plan another meet? Perhaps before the Prom thing?
I've realized we have 30 more days left of school...well, I realized it this morning for the fact we have the numbers up already, however remembered it at this moment...

That is all I have to report. I must retire...

EDIT-I'm such a buttfuck....
I posted it in my lj...GAH! >
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[icon] The Purring Bear Company
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You're looking at the latest 10 entries.
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