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[icon] Lovenote Salute. - The Purring Bear Company
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Subject:Lovenote Salute.
Time:08:26 pm
Here's to nights of rock and roll.
Here's to nights of nostalgia.
Here's to nights of gaming bliss.
Here's to nights of idle banter.

Here's to days when we truly lived.
Here's to days when a picnic in the park is all we needed.
Here's to days we talked about deviantart like it was the neatest thing since sliced bread.
Here's to days we laughed nearly to the point of shitting ourselves in Knadler's.
Here's to days we looked at eachother and grinned as though we all had some kind of secret the world could never touch.
Here's to days we rescued one another from the troubles we thought we couldn't triumph over.

Here's to the Purring Bear Company, born in the woodlands.
Cheers to the Purring Bear Company, we still have the old flame.
Cheers to the Purring Bear Company, despite our age differences, we are all one soul with many facets, and age doesn't matter much in the long run.

Pardon my cliche-ness..

For each of you, my heart is simply bursting with pride, with love, with hope. I turned around and saw Julianna-With-No-Middle-Name-But-We-Love-Her-Anyway Paul and she looked absolutely beautiful. She always does, really, but I think today we were all at our most beautiful. I'll miss her beatuy.

Today, I saw Jekka with tears in her eyes. Damnit, I hate that. Stop crying! We're not going off to die somewhere! You'll have our hearts and thoughts at your beck and call, and any moment at all, we might drop in and scare the snot out of you.

To my Purring Bear Girls, we are alive in a universe that is alive.

Now let's be part of it.

Dance a little on the inside for me.

‡Bricket Squirrel.
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Time:2005-06-06 04:29 pm (UTC)
and here's to all the upcoming picnics and cheers to all of us for making it this far. though we may be split up we will always have a moment a moment were all of us will know that we're thinking of each other. the reason we are so good together is because this group is loved. and no matter the distance there will always be the love.;_;
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[icon] Lovenote Salute. - The Purring Bear Company
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