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Subject:The Way Home
Time:05:24 pm
How do you say goodbye?

How do you say goodbye to the people who mold your life? To those who hold the sandpaper that smooths our rough edges and makes us touchable? Those who cackle gleefully as paint cans are brought out and the boring, introverted girl is finally prepared to take on life, to take on color and vibrance?

You simply don't say goodbye. Instead, you say 'I will see you both again'.

Because it's true. I will see you both again, so help me. I am not gone forever, nor ever truly gone. There is a spirit lingering in the forest beyond where we shared a picnic of stirfry and weird cookies. Of photographs taken and breath held as we thought our lives would be swiftly ended by a bear that purrs and rumbles in the hills. To the nights spent around a couple of candles in the backyard, crowing laughter at penis jokes in a tent and maybe even one too many gropings and rounds of 'whose hand is that?'.

To prom night when we kicked off our shoes and danced a ho down (The ho's are still mad at us for that. x.x), and spent twenty minutes picking bobbypins and stupid fake flowers out of my curly head. Good grief.

To the first sad goodbye when we packed Juli up and threw her at Seattle. To a tearful audience and a loud, obnoxious 'YEA JEKKA WOO!' as she crossed the stage to get her one way ticket out of stupid-school.

To billions of other moments. Random and beautiful. Look at us, guys. We have forged a path in memories. And now, as I look back on them all, it's hard to tell what I'll miss most. The acts, the strange looks, or the giggles later in the day when we thought back on our craziness.

Okay, shit, I lied. I know exactly what I'll miss. You both. Jules. Jekka. The two best friends a cranky bitchsquirrel could ever have. Juli, with your zen wisdom and wordly knowledge. Jekka, with your kind heart and ever-present hugs and understanding. Both of you have stolen my heart. Here's a small secret: I love you both. Best friends, sisters. Damn, I'm gonna miss you two.

Bah. This is why I type my goodbyes. I'm here, sittin' on my pudgy ass barely able to see the screen. By now I'd be far to inarticulate to speak properly.

But that's good. This time, I'll make it okay for me to be all teary-eyed and sniffly. Because it tells me something I already know: I will never forget either of you. Whatever friendships I make in the future will have to sit in the shadow of our great bond. I almost feel sorry for the folks ahead. They'll never hold a candle to you two.

For that, I am eternally grateful.

I am so very fortunate. This is the sort of thing you think about at Thanksgiving. What you're thankful for.

Jekka and Jules, you are what I will always be thankful for.

My girls, my friends, my sisters in mischief.

Cheers, loves. We have had one hell of an adventure.

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Time:2006-06-07 05:41 pm (UTC)
And the adventures won't stop when you move! There will be road trips or maybe plane tickets but the adventures will not stop. To stop our fun would kill us. We all live for the times we get together and have wacky hijinks so Bricky don't say had. And I love's you so much as my sister, my friend, sometimes my ma grizzly to the boys, and I will miss you so much! And you'll always have Jules and I over here in Montucketville cheering you on in your new surroundings and I'll always be a phone call away if you have the need to call me! Oh and don't forget to send me a mailing address so I can send care packages to you...:D I'm going to go get ready for work now but you take care of yourself and be happy. T~T
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Time:2006-06-09 02:31 am (UTC)
God...is it really that time already?
Gah, I'm going to miss you, puddin pop. You are my dearest sister ever. Even dearer then my real sister...

I'm going to miss the get-to-gethers...the whole 'Hey, what is that?' 'What?' *poke in boob* and we all harharhar.
As Jekka said, the adventures won't stop...they're just spread out a little bit. It's not that hard to drive to Colorado. Shit, I'd do it tomorrow if I could.

You want to know what I miss the most? When we'd sit around in Art class and talk about which teachers we'd get in the next year. Or when we sat around in Glacier Park in our faerie dresses and took photos for the hell of it. I still have the one where we're sitting in between those gigantic cedars, pretending to tell stories to each other. I don't think it was pretend, though. We actually built a story from acting.

Remember Time and Time Again? I was your mom...ahahahaha. Our roles switched. I've always known you as mother hen. One who is like 'Mess with my women and you get a new face.'

You know, I truely love you. You and Jekka have been the closest family I've ever had.
Me=miss you <3

P.S Someday, you will receive a gigantic box...and in that box will be 2 animals...a purple bunny and an orange cat...living, breathing and wanting your love!
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